Post 406: On Conversations and Predictions About the 2016 Election

We had dinner out with friends last week, without our children, which is an extremely rare occasion.  In fact, other than HW’s thirtieth birthday and a wedding that specifically prohibited children from attending, it was a first for us.

We haven’t seen these friends in a while, and actually I was starting to worry something was up.  It wasn’t.  It was a really nice night.

They are both interesting, educated, intelligent people, who are also interested people, and we love spending time with them.  We don’t always talk about politics, but we often do, and it was interesting to hear their perspectives.

First I think it’s worth noting, on a slightly separate note, how strange I think it is that most very smart people who offer me the credit of also being intelligent assume I think the exact way they do about politics.  I see this more with liberal friends and acquaintances, but not exclusively, and HW and I always share a smirk when we realize it’s happening or has already happened.

I’m actually fairly open about my political views, if I’m asked, but sometimes I sit quietly and listen.  I think my nods, which I intend as evidence that I’m listening and following and considering, are sometimes interpreted as nods of agreement.

Anyway, they are both lifelong democrats who have contributed more than we make in a year to campaigns.  The wife is voting for HRC, the husband is seriously considering a vote for DT.  We have two couples who are friends who are doing the same thing, although one of them was split politically before this election.  All three wives are unhappy, and when I reluctantly admitted I was considering not voting at all, it was not well received.  No one came out and accused me of being a traitor to my gender, but there was a definite lack of enthusiasm.

I still don’t know what I plan to do on election day, and neither does HW.  We talk about it, not constantly, but frequently.  Our daughter thinks Trump will win because people say Clinton is ill.  She said something about how it’s more important for her to take care of her health than to be President.  She is a wise old soul.  HW thinks Trump will win too, for more complex reasons involving the electoral college.  I have no idea.  I keep waiting for things to get really nasty and crazy, but maybe things will be relatively low-key until the election.

I’ll write more after the debate.  Maybe I’ll even be ready to make a decision.








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