Day 396: Family Vacation

We were provided with the opportunity to take a last-minute vacation before school starts, and because we are who we are, we jumped at it.

So now, here I am, looking out of our balcony window over lights reflecting on a picturesque (and most likely entirely man-made) lake.  The children are snuggled up, exhausted from a full and hot day at the pool, likely dreaming about our adventure to Universal Studios and the wonders of Harry Potter world.

Family vacations are a lot of work, and have also been so important to our family.  It’s such a great opportunity to reconnect and explore a new setting with each other, to learn and try new things together, and to share a tiny space.

Over the past several years we’ve tried to take the best things about vacation and make them a part of our daily lives.  We didn’t want to be people who were miserable every day, but looked forward to one or two weeks of joy.  I will say living in Florida has made it easier to make that plan a reality, but sometimes it’s still nice to get away, and there is no substitute for that.








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