Day 377: Studying

Sigh.  I can’t believe I’m doing this again.  Even when I was concerned I didn’t pass, and I thought I would have to take the exam again, I didn’t think about what it would feel like to actually have to study again.  It sucks.

I keep changing my mind about what I should focus on and how much time I should spend on each topic.  I’m depending on HW to teach me about commercial paper and secured transactions, and I’m hoping I can remember enough of the other stuff (with some review) for it to all come together.  I’m going to have about fifteen minutes to cover Criminal Law and Torts, and maybe thirty for Property and Contracts, but I’m more worried about Business Entities and Trusts and Wills.

This time I’m typing my notes (I wrote them by hand last time), and I hope that will save my hand some pain and keep me more organized.

In nine days it will all be over.  Nine days.  Shit.





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