Day 354: Painting Lessons (Learned the Hard Way, Of Course)

1. No matter how careful you are with the tape, if the previous painter got dark blue paint on the trim, the trim will have to be repainted. 

2. This should be obvious, but apparently it wasn’t to me, but even if you really love a color on a small swatch, or even a small patch of the wall, that is no guarantee you will love it on four walls. 

3. Along those same lines, bright cheerful colors can start to resemble an ice cream parlor very quickly. Plan accordingly. 

4. If painting a large space with several areas or small open rooms, consider how to coordinate colors before you complete one entire room. 

5. Figure out how much time and money you think the project will take. Double it. Double it again. If your children like to help, double it a third time, and then a fourth.

6. A plastic sheet to cover the floor is probably a good idea. 

7. Always rinse your brushes. Immediately. 

8. Ventilate! Even with No VOC or whatever, open windows and gather fans. 

9. Do not wear anything you care about. Even if you’re just touching up one little spot. Just don’t do it.

10. Painting at night during a power outage is not ideal. In fact, you will likely have to redo it all in the morning, after you clean up whatever accidental mess was left. 

11. If you have a large German Shepherd and allow her to wonder around the house while you paint, she will flop against the wall and get some on her fur. 

12. Painting over your head is more difficult than not.

13. Painting textures walls is a giant pain, especially with a roller.

14. Save leftover paint and plan to go back to fix small flaws a few days or a week after you “finish.” 

15. Have fun! I know that sounds lame, but you’re going to make a mess, cost money, and fill your time, but have fun. I’m not saying you should Tom Sawyer family and friends into helping, but if you have fun, people will want to join you. 

Happy painting!


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