Day 344: People Say Weird Things

Most of the time, I think people mean well.  I know I do.  Sometimes, I just don’t know what to say, but I try to say something, hoping that maybe someone will know I care.  Sometimes that’s a mistake, but at least I tried.  Right?

Well, just for fun, I thought I would share a few of the super awkward things people have said to me, and a few of the super awkward things I have said to other people.  I’ll bet you can’t tell the difference (most of the time).

On How Many Children Is the Right Number of Children:

Do you think you’ll have more?

Don’t you already have your hands full?

One more baby and you’re going to need to buy a bus.

Do you understand how birth control works?

On Size:

Can you shop in the children’s section?

Are you worried you won’t lose the weight after the baby comes?

Do you eat like that all of the time?

I would rather look like this than eat like that.

Did you actually carry your children?


On Raising My Children:

Aren’t you a little worried about your son running around in fairy wings?

Maybe if you held him less, he’d sleep more.

Bright children are not necessarily more successful later in life.

Organic food is a waste of money.

Vaccines will kill your children.

Not vaccinating your children is a stupid, selfish choice.

Staying home with your children will ruin your life.

You will regret going back to work after you have children.

How do you not have a nanny?

You have someone help you clean?  Don’t you stay home?

You don’t work?  I thought you went to law school?

You let your kids eat gluten?

I wish I had time to make pizza crust from scratch.


Actually, all of these are things that have been said to me or my husband.  Again, with the exception of one or two of these, thanks to a serious lack of subtlety, I know that none of these people meant any harm.  Some of them could have been more considerate, sure, but I think for the most part, they were just talking, trying to make a connection.

I know we are sort of in this place where we have to be super careful about what we say, and everyone gets offended about everything, and I’m definitely in favor of saying things carefully and with kindness, but also, sometimes we need to just give people a break.








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