Day 342: 

The past couple of weeks I’ve had a new kind of writer’s block, or blogger’s block. During the day I think about different things I could write about, things I want to write about, and then I sit down to actually type and my mind goes blank. At one point today I was fairly certain I had something profound to say, but now I’m tired and my brain hurts. 

I think I’m going to work on a post about encouraging young children to read, but that’s going to take some time, and maybe one about how to convince children to eat everything, because that’s something people ask a lot. 

For now I’ll share two new “recipes” I tried tonight. The first is for vegetable fried rice.  Cook rice according to directions and set aside (two cups fed the six people in our family, but I plan to double the entire recipe next time, because it was a success). Chop garlic (4-5 cloves, be gene ours) and shred fresh ginger (a piece about the size of a small finger, I would also be generous here), and cook in coconut oil (enough to coat pan plus a bit extra). Stir regularly until soft, or turning golden brown if that’s your preference. Crack four eggs, directly in the pan (or more, or less), and stir. Again, cook for one minute or three, and add rice and soy sauce (or soy sauce replacement, we use coconut aminos). Stir until egg sticks to rice. Add veg of choice, we do carrots, peas, corn, and green beans (frozen). I added about three cups. Stir, cook, set aside. Add anything else you like. I added water cress (because I can grow it!), and would try basil, spinach, and tomato. Easy. Quick. 

I also tried a new dessert. Melted coconut oil, honey, coconut flakes, mixed to a kind of crust and flattened in a pan, with melted dark chocolate over the top. 

Both recipes were relatively easy and everyone was happy. And now I’m ready for bed! 


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