Day 336: Memorial Day

I have nothing new or profound to say about Memorial Day. 

I am thankful to those who have and who will make the ultimate sacrifice.  I don’t feel like I’m as thankful as I should be. But I am thankful. 

When I think about feeling thankful, for those who died in service to this country, I’m mostly thankful my brother hasn’t been one of them. That’s selfish, I know. But it’s true. Maybe because I don’t know anyone who has given their life in this way, or even know anyone (other than my brother, I’m sure, although it’s not something we would ever discuss) who knows someone who has. I think that all results in some feeling of distance or abstraction or something. Or maybe my own experiences with people who serve has sort of muddied the water a bit. 

We discussed the meaning of today with our children, and took a moment ourselves, but I understand why people focus on the beginning of summer aspect, and how it might be difficult to reconcile those two things. 

Side note:  if you’re going to lecture someone about the real meaning of Memorial Day, you might do a quick Google search to check the meaning yourself. Hint: It is not the same as Veteran’s Day. 


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