Day 276: Why I Smell (and Why My Nipples are Showing)

About six months ago I stopped wearing deodorant and I stopped wearing a bra. I’ve never liked wearing either, so I stopped. This is what I’ve learned. 

Smelling my own sweat can tell me a lot about my body. I know I sound like one of those hippie freaks, whatever. Google “deodorant ingredients and cancer” and then we’ll talk. 

Anyway, my scent changes, not so much because of the temperature (although that is a factor), but more based on what I eat, what time of the month it is, and what my emotional state is. Pretty fascinating stuff actually. If I’m upset or angry, it’s a strong, almost bitter smell. Probably a fight-or-flight thing? 

My husband is one of those people who doesn’t really sweat, or who at least doesn’t really smell. To be clear, I am not one of those people. And one day, if I decide to get a big girl job or my kids find me embarrassing, I might have to explore alternatives. That day is not this day. 

I’m not sure whether other people think I smell. No one has said anything and I haven’t asked. I often find the smell of perfume or some other artificial scent to be offensive (especially in elevators!) and I manage to keep my composure, so I would hope others would offer me the same courtesy. 

I also stopped wearing a bra. I hate bras. I have always hated bras. It might have something to do with the A cups, but I have never found them useful or comfortable. I guess some of them help hide the fact that I have nipples, but breastfeeding four babies kind of made me get over that. 

I might (probably) feel differently about this if I had DD cups swinging around every time I moved, but I don’t, so I’m happy to go without. I also read somewhere that not wearing a bra helps strengthen the breast tissue and prevent sagging, so that’s nice too. 

P.S. My nipples aren’t actually showing. I tend to wear layers because I’m always freezing, and most of the time I have a child in my arms or tied to me in a carrier. Someone would have to look very carefully to see something, on just the right day, and I can’t imagine why anyone would go to the trouble. In the above picture I’m wearing a single layer of cotton and I would hardly call it obscene. 


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