Day 226: New Hampshire GOP Debate

Wow.  I, uh, just, wow.

I curled up on the couch with my husband, warm lemon water in hand, thinking we would watch for a little while, maybe put something else on, but I planned to fall asleep, hopefully with my husband gently massaging my aching head.

Instead, the debate opened to a complete shitshow.  Dr. Carson sort of started to come out, but stopped, presumably because he couldn’t hear his name over the applause from the previous candidate, and Trump did the same thing, so they were both sort of standing there in this hallway, in front of the cameras, while the other candidates walked by.  Jeb walked by and patted Trump on the shoulder and it was hilarious.  Trump is just standing there, looking confused, but somehow also cocky, and Jeb just walks by, like, “Hey man, see ya out there.”  Eventually the announcers figured it out and called them, but then they said, “And finally, Donald Trump,” before Kasich had been called.  On stage, Christie says, “What about Kasich?  Can I introduce Kasich?”  It was, so much funnier than I can describe.  I suggest you watch the video.

Reading all of that back just now, it sounds like I need a new hobby, but seriously, it was very funny.

Jeb and Christie both had a great night.  I think Kasich also did very well.  Rubio did not look so good.  I couldn’t say if he was underprepared or over-prepared, or maybe it was both, but he looked inexperienced and immature when Christie came after him, and his random attack on Joe Biden did nothing to help his situation.  Trump was Trump, but Jeb got in a few good lines.  Carson missed an opportunity to handle the Iowa debacle with Cruz differently.  Cruz was despicable, as always, but he almost had a moment where he looked human.  Almost.  And then he had to stress that it was his half sister who had the drug problem (what the fuck difference does that make?), and make the story about his selfless act of taking out a $20,000 loan to send his nephew to military school.  The thing is, I’m sure he rehearsed this story, many times, and that fact alone makes me feel sick to my stomach.  Using a story like that, a story that should be personal and painful, for political gain, I just can’t imagine what kind of person could do that.  Well, actually, I know exactly what kind of person would do that, and it is not the kind of person who should be anywhere near the oval office.  But more than the rehearsing of the story, the way it was told was just so transparent.

I thought when Christie talked about addiction and what it means to truly be pro-life, not just for the nine months inside of the womb, that he was genuine and convincing.  What he said about the important of real experience, the kind of experience governors get because they have to take responsibility for their actions, I thought all of that was quite good.  Also, he is not someone I want to argue with, under any circumstances.  Whether any of this is enough to keep him alive in New Hampshire, I don’t know, but I have to imagine the evangelical voters are not his biggest fan.

Similarly, I thought Jeb and Kasich both sounded like grown ups.  It was a good night for the governors.

Trump is still ahead in the polls, but that was also true in Iowa.  I would love to see one of the more moderate, sane candidates surprise everyone with big numbers.  Jeb, Christie, Kasich, whatever.  Actually, I was thinking about it earlier, and even though it will never happen, I would love to see Jeb and Christie run together.

Anyway, I have some Real Housewives of Beverly Hills to catch up on, and my older son is singing REO Speedwagon to my younger son, and I really don’t want to miss that, so…












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