Day 206: Foyle’s War

I think it was two years ago, HW suggested we start watching this show he’d stumbled upon on Netflix, Foyle’s War.  “It’s about this policeman in England during World War II.  He’s a detective and he solves crimes.”

Yeah.  Great.  No thanks.

Now, normally I think I’m relatively open to watching new things, trying new things, even eating new things (not insects).  For some reason, when this show was presented to me, it did not appeal to me.  I made some sort of disgusted face and suggested we watch some version of the Real Housewives, or so I imagine.  The next time he suggested it, I just wasn’t in the mood, and by the third time, it had become a thing.

I said I didn’t want to watch it, he clearly wanted to watch it and hoped I would change my mind, so I dug in my heels.


Because sometimes, I am a stubborn ass.

I mean, I was also probably pregnant, so that doesn’t help either, but even if I hadn’t been, sometimes I am just a stubborn ass.

I finally agreed to watch Foyle last week, and now I find myself subtly suggesting that we watch it together.  Except, I don’t do subtlety.  Like, at all.

HW finds all of this amusing.  I suppose I do too.

It has been an opportunity to think about dynamics in relationships.  Why do we do and say the things that we do within the context of any given relationship?  Why am I sometimes very agreeable (sure, we can have Chinese food for dinner), and sometimes go out of my way to be a pain in the ass (the oranges go in the bottom drawer in the fridge, obviously)?

I don’t think there is a simple answer for this.  Relationships grow and change over time, people grow and change individually, and there are countless other factors that could be considered.  How much sleep did I get last night. Is there something I’m mad about. How much other shit did I have to deal with that day.

Growing and changing and other factors aside, I would like to be less of a stubborn ass, at least about the things that don’t matter (I have no qualms about being a stubborn ass about things that do, and in fact, I am proud of my achievements in that category).  I guess that is my January resolution.  “Be less of a stubborn ass when it concerns things that don’t matter.”  In other words, “Be less of a stubborn ass when it suits me.”

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some Foyle to watch.




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