Day 205: Houseguests

Yesterday, for the first time in two hundred and five days, I just completely forgot to write something.  I suppose that is some indication of the other things weighing on my mind, but when I woke up this morning and started mixing the pancake batter and I realized I didn’t write anything, I had a very strange feeling.

Last night my cousin and his wife were our guests.  They were in the area for a mini-vacation and messaged to ask whether we could see them.  We were very happy to say yes.

They’re a few years younger than us, and we don’t see them that often.  In fact, my cousin and I haven’t lived in the same state in more than ten years, but we’ve managed to see each other between one and three times every year.  This is mostly surprising because he is a cousin on my dad’s side, which has few cousins, and few relatives with whom I keep in touch.

I have thought for some time, at least the past five years, that he’s really turned out to be a good kid.  My guess is that he has probably always been a good kid, but I didn’t really know him, or at least my knowledge of him was primarily informed by what my parents said.  HW will say I think everyone is nice, until there is some very clear reason to think otherwise, and that’s mostly fair, but even he agrees they seem like really nice, good people, and I am so glad.

It was also nice to see familiar and friendly faces.

There are some other things going, on things I can’t write about at the moment, but things that are even less pleasant than bar exam preparation, or what passes for it around here.





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