Day 190: On 2016

I am ready.  As ready as I could be.  We started our celebration at 4 pm with (plastic) champagne glasses overflowing with bubbly (sparkling apple cider), a dance party, a few board games, and crab legs (for the kids) and chicken nuggets (for us).  We had brightly colored party hats and little horns, swirly star decorations for the ceiling, and a lot of enthusiasm.  We even did a count down with King Julian from Madagascar on Netflix and had our own toast to the new year.

I am looking forward to 2016.  I don’t have any formal resolutions, but I would like to continue making progress on my list, and we plan to start a new thirty day cycle without eating out or alcohol.  I also hope to spend more time outside (we live in Florida!), and I would like to make new friends, continue to volunteer to help Carry the Future, pass my bar exam, and maybe even find a way to get involved with local politics.  If only I could make up my mind which party is less terrible…

Happy New Year all.  Be safe.




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