Day 112: A Few Words On Writing About Rape (and the debate and Disney World)

As I predicted yesterday, I finished writing my post, had a glass of water, and played with my son. The day progressed normally. I picked up the older kids from school, made dinner, packed for our trip, and watched the debate until I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer. 

HW called from work when he read it. He told me he loved me and was with me, and didn’t feel the need to scoop me up like I was broken, but was looking forward to being with me, and I smiled because that was exactly what I needed to hear. 

I watched the debate and was not impressed. I guess maybe we all got spoiled watching Donald Trump, because at least we had something outrageous to hold our attention. I think if Joe Biden runs, he could win, and don’t tell anyone, but I might vote for him. 

I would love to see a president who is also a woman, but being a woman candidate, sensitive as I may be to her struggle to reach (or climb over dead bodies) the top, that fact alone isn’t enough for me. Neither is simply claiming to be pro-life, when it’s limited to opposing abortion. Maybe I’m growing entitled, but I need more than that. 

This morning we woke up early and made the drive to Disney World. We watched the sunrise and smiled to each other, excited to finally have a true vacation. 

People are always surprised to hear how excited HW gets about Disney, or that he gets excited about anything. He presents a very tough and serious and often intimidating front, and to be fair, he can be all three. I’ve seen it when another child pushes one of ours on the playground, or when a nurse rolls her eyes when I explain my veins collapse easily. But that’s not the whole story, not even close. 

My husband is a man who loves me and his children without holding a single thing back. He is the dad who, in 90 degree heat insists on carrying the baby and pushing a stroller with 100 pounds of children in it. He’s the dad who throws his muscle into spinning teacups until we all giggle so hard we almost visit, and he’s the dad who sneaks to the side to surprise the kids with ice cream bars at 9 am. 

I have never been more excited about Disney, and never felt more free to feel excited, or more secure, than I do here and now, with him. 

I tend to cheap out these things, and really everything, but he planned this vacation and he took care of everything. He used his share of the Christmas bonus to book this entire trip, our son’s birthday vacation, a birthday tradition we started some years ago, and it is perfect. We have a beautiful room with a view and plenty of space for everyone. 

There is even a pontoon boat parked just outside and I’m thinking, he makes everything feel like home. 


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