Day Ninety-One: What Happens After the Challenge; Pope Francis Visits the US and the Internet Loses Its Mind

If you were hoping for exciting stories about $800 dinners or $300 bottles of wine, or really any kind of craziness, you will be very disappointed.  HW and I celebrated the completion of my challenge, which basically became our challenge, by making spaghetti squash with almond curry and sharing an inexpensive (but delicious) bottle of prosecco.  We were in bed before 10 pm.

Life will continue as normal, as it did today, but we will hopefully think twice before eating out or opening a bottle of wine.  We will still enjoy our meals out, and we will still enjoy wine when we have it, but I think we will take an extra moment to consider whether we really “need” it.  Or maybe we won’t.  We will find out.

I can’t help but notice that the Internet seems to have completely lost its mind since Pope Francis arrived this morning.  I did not watch any of the coverage (bad Catholic), partially because the kids were home from school today, but I was able to read a few things about it online.

One of the most frustrating (and confusing) posts was from New York Magazine.  The title declares, “Pope Francis’s Revolution Has Left Out Women,” and the content is very strange.  I’m not sure the author understands Catholicism in general, and she doesn’t seem to be particularly well informed about Pope Francis, although based on the list of recent articles, it appears she has plenty of opinions to share just the same.  I was surprised to see the article, and more surprised to read the many hateful comments below, directed at Catholics as a whole, or Pope Francis in particular.

I guess I’m still not sure where that comes from.  I can understand people who have had, in their own lives, a bad experience with the Church, and I am deeply sympathetic for them.  The Church is made up of imperfect people, and some of them can only be described as simply terrible.  But to dismiss an entire group of people, and to spew hate at a man who is really difficult not to like, that I don’t get.  I’m not sure I want to get it.  And I just can’t imagine talking about another person’s religion, or lack of religion, that way.

HW suggested I might take a break from the Internet for the day, and I thought that was unnecessary until I read about what Jeb Bush said last night about multiculturalism.  I am, as I have said, truly not sure how I will vote next year.  But I was starting to warm up to the idea of Jeb Bush.  He actually seems like a nice guy (not that I’m always the best judge of character), but he seems like a reasonable, moderate person, and some of his answers about immigration have been great.  I think, and I hope, he misspoke, and he meant to say something about the problems with segregating or not including some groups of people.  Or maybe he was simply trying to compete with some of the more extreme Republican candidates?  Who knows.  Either way, not so great, as far as I’m concerned.

I do know I can’t spend all day defending Ryan Adams, Pope Francis, and Jeb Bush on the Internet.  I’m going to go and enjoy my husband, and think about whether I want to write something longer about any of this, or whether I just want to let it go.


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