Day Eighty-One: On Being Catholic Part Three: What I Didn’t Learn During Mass

Could fill volumes, to be sure. But what I mean is, what I learned about being a person, especially a Catholic and a mother, in every day life. I learned much about how to be a person from other Catholic women, especially my mother and my grandmother. 

Being Catholic, for me, is not just about the Bible, or the Catechism, or even the Eucharist (although those are all important parts of it, not in that order). It’s also about the community. The people. 

It’s actually something we’ve struggled with this move. Finding a community that is right for us. We will, sometimes it just takes time. I can’t type that without thinking about that song, “It takes a little time, sometimes, to get your feet back on the ground/It takes a little time sometimes, to turn the Titanic back around.” Whatever. It’s my blog. I can write about weird random 90’s songs if I want to. 

Today we ruled out yet another parish as our future home parish, but I was glad we went. Our children were model Catholics (for once), and it gave me the opportunity to listen and think for a change.

I was thinking about all of that and feeling thankful for everyone and everything in my life when I got an unexpected phone call that gave me another opportunity to think, reflect, and be thankful.*

This is the advice I gave myself when the dust settled. 

Life is unpredictable and life is short. Make the best of it. Love the people you want to love, don’t waste time or energy on people who don’t deserve it. Be strong, but remember strength means sometimes relying on other people. An open mind, open heart, open ears all should come before an open mouth. 

Also, I really love my husband. 

I realized that these are not original thoughts (except the one about my husband – that had better be an original thought, at least as it pertains to my husband, in the way I mean it). These are lessons I’ve learned from watching other women and repeat to myself when I need reminding.

Thank you to those who teach the important lessons, whether by textbook or example. ❤ 

*I still plan to post what I wrote about the Church and women sometime soon, but an unexpected turn of events left me without my computer and without a lot of time to edit. 


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