Day Seventy-Six: A New Writing Project and a Potential New Hair Cut

I know, those of you who have been following along read that and red flags went up immediately.  New project?  Haircut?  Uh oh!  What happened now?!

The new writing project is something I mentioned yesterday.  I took some time last night to write a short story.  I got the idea from the trip we took last summer, and ran with it.  I wrote something I think would be best used as something for an adult read to a child, somewhere between the ages of five and seven, or a child to read alone, from age seven to nine, but I don’t much about children older than my own children, so the upper limits are kind of a guess.  I plan to write a series of these short stories, which can be put together to make a longer story, or read separately.

I’m not sure if the writing is any good, and usually I am extremely self-conscious about my writing, as I am in this case, but it has already been a success, because our oldest daughter read it and loved it.  She laughed several times, and almost cried once, and begged me to write another one tonight after she goes to sleep.  Even if every other person reads what I wrote and thinks it’s complete crap, impressing my daughter is not easily done, and I feel this was a great accomplishment.  The last time it happened I had to literally stand on my head.

As with any writing project, the early days are kind of shaky.  I’m not exactly sure where I’m going with all of this, although I have some ideas, and I haven’t written anything involving dialogue in a long time, so that’s probably the clumsiest part, but it’s a lot of fun.  Right now it’s kind of back and forth and doesn’t have a definite main character, which is something I can’t decide if I want to keep or not.  When I feel a little more confident I will share here.  As I said, the stories are loosely based on our experiences, but the names and some of the locations are changed to protect our privacy.  I know, I’m paranoid.  How about those Phillies?

The haircut idea is completely unrelated.  It may be more closely related to a cute new headband I bought on a whim last summer at Anthropologie and my favorite new sunglasses.  Right now I just have too much hair, and I know I have enough now to donate it, so I’m thinking I might take a cue from Bethenny Frankel and chop it off.

I know, normal person hair never ends up looking like celebrity hair, and my cut might look nothing like her cut, and if you asked, I couldn’t even really tell you exactly what I like about her hair, but I want to try it anyway.  It’s not just because her name for the cut is , but that honestly doesn’t hurt anything either.

I love my long hair, and I am thankful to be blessed with great hair, but I think I’m ready to let it go for a little while.  Not because I’m freaking out or because something terrible happened in my life.  Just because I want to try something new.  It seems like a fitting way to celebrate the end of the stomach flu in our house for the season.  Do you hear me, universe?  THE END OF THE STOMACH FLU FOR THE SEASON.


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