Day Thirty-Five: Goodbyes Suck. Seriously.

Sometimes they suck in unusual places.  For example, the neighbors you only met five month ago.  But there is a hope there, an understanding, a mutual respect and looking forward.  That’s what we had here.  And now that we’re moving, I worry.  I’ve already had a great boss, two sets of great neighbors, and two great priests.  I am also hopeful.  I am still waiting for a great school, although we’ve had good schools, and great acquaintances.  All will be revealed with time.  We start our drive in five or six hours, so I will write more then.

A little preview:  We will visit my brother and his wife and son, whom I have not seen in more than two years, and we are still trying to find a hotel that will accept four children, a dog, and a fish.  I’m not sure why I won’t lie, but I blame my mother.


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