Day Thirty-Two: Camp Out Adventure Part I

The moving truck came and packed up 95% of our belongings.  It only took six men (and hubs-wubsy) nine hours, so it wasn’t as bad as I thought it might be.

Tonight we are all sleeping in sleeping bags, either on air mattresses, wooden floors, or guavas.  My mom is a good sport, the husband has a good sense of humor, and my kids have the appropriate sense of adventure.  Did I mention I was awake at 4 am googling how to transport a Betta fish?  Apparently a two gallon container, filled 60% with properly treated water, wrapped in bubble wrap, in a box, pinned behind the drivers’ seat is the way to go.  Stay tuned.

We will spend the next few days saying goodbyes to friends and family.  We will see some cousins, aunts and uncles and other extended family, classmates, neighbors, and as many other people as we can fit in.  We will also be squeezing in as many more swimming lessons as humanly possible, because there are a lot of swimming pools in the south, and I don’t need another excuse to lose sleep.

In a few days we will wake up incredibly early to travel south.  Four kids, a large dog, and a Betta fish.  What could possibly go wrong?  I’ll let you know on days thirty-six, thirty-seven, thirty-eight, thirty-nine, and forty.

I also thought it might be nice to include a birthday photo.  I had a really nice day, and although I’m not ready to show my face, I wanted to share one of my favorite moments.  We had a small gathering with friends and they released sky lanterns, or Congaing lanterns, which was such a beautiful gesture. Sayonara

It was so nice to watch, and so peaceful.  Possibly a new birthday tradition in our house.


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