Day Nineteen (Part II): Some Things I Like Today

This is not advice.  These are just some things I like today, and because all of my children napped at the same time, and Monday night dinner is an easy favorite, I had a few minutes to waste on the Internet.

Things I Like:

Diva Cups.  I ordered one, I tried it, and while I would not go so far as to label it “life changing,” it’s pretty wonderful.  The article that convinced me to try it is written my someone I read fairly regularly, and although some of the comments on her page say that she receives money for endorsing certain products and she is biased (fear not, no one is clambering to pay me for sharing what I like with my mother and two friends who read this, but if they ever do, I will make that clear), I have not yet been disappointed by one of her suggestions.  She explains some of the problems with conventional products and includes some other alternatives.  Don’t be afraid, the cups are extremely easy to use, even for me, and before Orange Is The New Black I didn’t even know I had two holes in there.  I was nervous about taking it out, but if you’ve had a baby, you just use the same “push” muscle you used in labor, and if you haven’t had a baby, this is a good low-pressure opportunity to practice.

My new S’well bottle.  I also love my Kleen Kanteen, especially because it comes in so many different shapes and sizes and it has kid-friendly top options, but the S’well is so pretty.  Normally, having nice things is not an option.  My husband bought me a beautiful purse for our anniversary and I have it parked on top of a book shelf (I keep my computer hidden inside), because otherwise it would be filled with dog hair and sand toys or crunched up crackers and dirty diapers.  But this is a fancy little bottle with clean lines that my kids can’t break or otherwise destroy and it carries clean water wherever I go.  There is something very civilizing about it.

Mantra Bands.  “Choose Joy,” is my personal favorite, but I also love many of the others.  I normally don’t wear any jewelry other than my wedding band and a simple pair of earrings, but my mantra band has proven indestructible, and if I happen to look down during the day, it never hurts to be reminded to do choose joy.

One day I will write a whole list of favorite baby products, but for now, if you are having a baby, especially if you are having a second, or you are having your first and think it might be helpful to be able to use two hands sometimes, a Sakura Bloom ring sling will be your lifesaver.  They come in linen or silk and are fully adjustable, so it’s great to snuggle up with a newborn or to save your back if you’re carrying a toddler.  You can breastfeed your baby in it, and use the tail to provide shade if you’re in the sun.  It folds up and packs into even a small diaper bag, and is fully adjustable to share if your significant other isn’t the same size.

Articles I Like:

Why Adults Are Buying Coloring Books (For Themselves):

This article discusses the increased popularity of adult coloring books and the importance of play for children, and also addresses some potential concerns.  When an adult uses a coloring book, is it a good release of tension, or is it a sign of trouble coping as an adult?  Good question.  Luckily for me, I won’t have to find out for some years – there is always someone in our house who wants me to color.

The Writing Assignment That Changes Lives:

I love this, and not only because writing has been such a helpful and important tool for me, but mostly because it explains why writing has been such a helpful and important tool for me.  Not really.  Language is such an important tool, and teaching kids how to use it is at least as important as teaching grownups how to color in the lines.


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